Got questions about TechieMatter?

Whether you’re an employer, a techie, a Tech Verifier, or anyone who wants to work with TechieMatter, you’ll find all your frequently-asked questions (FAQs) answered here.

FAQs for

What can TechieMatter help me with?

Trusted by hundreds in 10+ countries worldwide, TechieMatter can help you source, filter, assess, interview, and onboard techies quickly, and hassle-free.

Who can I hire, assess, interview, or onboard?

TechieMatter can hire any techie for your company. Web developers, mobile developers, AI engineers, web designers, business analysts, tech leads, product managers, data scientists, CTOs, hardware engineers, agile coaches,…among others. If it’s a tech role, we’ve got you covered.

How can I submit a hiring request?

You can submit a hiring request by clicking here.

How many hiring requests can I submit at the same time?

There is no restriction on the number of hiring requests you can submit at the same time. You can hire your entire tech team with TechieMatter.

Our team will get in touch to review all the information you’ve submitted and provide a consultation if needed.

Then, we’ll proceed with finding the most suitable and talented techies that meet your needs. Post your hiring/assessment/interviewing needs and we’ll handle the rest.

Submit your hiring requests here and get your first free consultation.

Who can use TechieMatter?

HR managers, CTOs, CEOs, agencies, or any role or entity responsible for making the final hiring decision.

How does pricing work at TechieMatter?

TechieMatter has 4 main solutions: TechieMatter Recruitment, TechieMatter Assessment, TechieMatter Expert Interview, and TechieMatter Onboarding.

We help you design your own tech recruitment experience. This means you can choose one or more solutions at the same time. But because there are different solutions, each solution comes with separate pricing.

For TechieMatter Recruitment, we charge at two check points only. Once you submit your request, our team reviews it and ensures everything is in place. After that,
1) We charge $100 to activate your hiring request.
2) We also charge a one-month salary as a successful hiring commission when you hire the candidate.

For TechieMatter Assessment, we offer test credits.
These credits are used when candidates take the test.**
Our test credits for assessments are as follows
5 Test Credits: $150
10 Test Credits: $275
15 Test Credits: $400

**Should you combine the TechieMatter Recruitment and TechieMatter Assessment solutions together, your credits will only be used for candidates who pass the test threshold.

TechieMatter Expert Interview
We assign a tech expert to interview the candidate with an average 1 hour per interview. The fees are determined based on the Expert’s hourly rate.

TechieMatter Onboarding is still in beta.
We help you onboard your global remote techies, financially and legally. This includes compliance, payroll, taxes, insurance, among other benefits.

For more information, you can email us at info@techiematter.com
Note: If you’d like to use one or more products for a single role, a discount will be applied.

Do you charge for consultations?

Once you submit a hiring request, our support team will review your hiring needs and provide a free consultation if needed.

If you need a tailored consultation, you can email us at info@techiematter.com

Do I need to pay to join TechieMatter as an employer?

No, you don’t need to pay to create an account on TechieMatter. You only pay when you decide you’re ready to hire.

What payment methods are available at TechieMatter?

To pay for TechieMatter’s products, you can pay by credit card, debit card, or via bank transfer.

Does TechieMatter hire candidates in specific locations?

To date, TechieMatter has hired candidates from 8+ countries and worked with employers from 13+ countries worldwide. So, we can source and hire candidates from any country you want.

You can determine the location of the candidates you want to hire in the hiring request form.

If I don’t have a tech background and want to hire techies. What do I do?

No worries! We’ve got you covered. Book a free 15-minute consultation with our team and we’ll answer all your questions and fulfill your hiring needs.

Is TechieMatter a job board, HR agency, or software house?

No, TechieMatter is not a job board, HR agency, or a software house. You won’t sign up and find hundreds of CVs to choose from. We match you with candidates after you submit your hiring needs.

We are a new concept where we manage the full recruitment cycle “for our clients”
- Sourcing
- Filtering
- Assessment
- Interviewing
- Onboarding

Find all your hiring needs and design your tech recruitment experience from a single, hassle-free platform.

I want to hire marketing specialists, sales reps and call center agents, can you help me with that?

Unfortunately, not. We’re focused on solving the challenges of Tech Recruitment only. However, we can refer you to other businesses who can help you with non-tech roles. Some of them are our partners.

Who is a Tech Verifier?

Tech Verifiers are experienced individuals who recommend talented techies to TechieMatter. They also ‘verify’ candidates’ areas of expertise and evaluate them to ensure they’re the right fit for an open role.

Our Tech Verifiers can be senior tech recruiters, senior techies, tech trainers, coaches, consultants, or teaching assistants at IT institutions.

How can I apply to be a Tech Verifier?

You can apply to be a Tech Verifier here.

What are the requirements needed to join as a Tech Verifier?

If you think you have what it takes to be a Tech Verifier, you can register with TechieMatter. The support team will get in touch with you for a video interview.

If accepted, you’ll be onboarded to the TechieMatter platform and you can begin with a trial job.

Will I get a notification when new techies need to be verified?

You will get an email from TechieMatter saying ‘There is a job matching your expertise.

I signed up and got accepted as a Tech Verifier. What’s next?

How much can I expect to earn when I work as a verifier?

It depends on the quality of your recommendations and your availability to work with TechieMatter.
We’ve had Tech Verifiers who have earned over six figures in two months.

There are two ways to get paid as a Tech Verifier:

1- If the client hires one or more of your recommended techies, you will get a commission on their monthly salary.
2- If the candidates are good-quality candidates, but they were not hired, TechieMatter will compensate you for your efforts.

Is being a Tech Verifier a full-time job?

No, being a Tech Verifier with TechieMatter isn’t a full-time role. Consider it a side hustle that provides you with additional income.

It’s not a full-time commitment, but you can get financial rewards that exceed your full-time earnings.

How can I join TechieMatter?

At the moment, joining TechieMatter is by invite-only. However, if you have 2+ years of experience, you can submit your CV at talent@techiematter.com. Our team will review your credentials and get back to you.

Do I need to pay money to join TechieMatter?

No, we will never ask you to pay money to join. If someone suggests that you can pay to join, please report them to info@techiematter.com